Health Centre in Artà
TEd’A arquitectes 

Health Centre in Artà

TEd’A arquitectes 

To maintain the domestic scale of the urban fabric of Artá, the new health center replicates the structure of load-bearing walls parallel to the street of the old city and preserves the construction of the roof with Arab tile, emphasizing the identity of the place...[+]

Health Center in Artá (Spain) 

Cliente Client
Servei de Salut de les Illes Balears 

Arquitectos Architects
Irene Pérez, Jaume Mayol, Toni Ramis, Albert Cabrer, Tomeu Mateu, Magdalena Weiland, Marina Heiremans, Marc Strunck (TEd’A arquitectes) 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Other Structures (estructura structure); SIE Enginyers (instalaciones mechanical engineering) 

Superficie Area
2236 m2