Esker House, San Candido

Esker House, San Candido


Plasma Studio was established in London in 1999 by the Venezuelan Eva Castro and the German Holger Kehne, obtaining almost immediate international recognition with the innovative refurbishment projects of several residential and commercial buildings in the center of the capital. Awarded with the Young Architect of the Year Award in 2002, the Design Vanguard in 2004 and the Next Generation Award granted by Building Design in 2008, the studio has opened another office in Bolzano, under the direction of Ulla Hell, also partner of the firm.

Both studios develop complementary works: if the projects of the British branch address the dynamism of London’s multicultural society, in Bolzano – a beautiful province of strong artisan tradition in northern Italy – they pursue the connection with the landscape through the use of local materials. In this sense, the Esker House, located in San Candido and built a top a single-family house of the sixties, uses a structure of wood and steel that evokes the profile of the Dolomites...[+]

Arquitectos Architects 
Eva Castro, Holger Kehne, Ulla Hell 

Colaboradores Collaborators 
Peter Pichler, Angelika Mair, Libny Pacheco 

Consultores Consultants
Andreas Erlacher (ingeniería engineering); Konsortium (construcción prefabricada de madera prefabricated wooden construction); Homatherm (aislamiento insulation); Slots (iluminación lighting), Elektro Gas-ser/Fischer/Innichen (instalación eléctrica eletrical installation)

Fotos Photos 
Cristóbal Palma