Badaevskiy Brewery, Redevelopment, Moscow
Badaevskiy Brewery, Redevelopment, Moscow

Badaevskiy Brewery, Redevelopment, Moscow


The project to revitalize the factory buildings follows a double strategy of renovation and extension. The protected structures are recovered and assigned new uses, and the rest is cleared to create a new green area, an urban park by the river... [+]

Badaevskiy Brewery, Redevelopment


Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Stefan Marbach (partner in charge)

Project Team

Olga Bolshanina (associate, project director), Tomislav Dushanov (associate, project director), Sjoerd Zonderland (associate, project manager), Fanny Christinaz (project manager), Marcelo Bernardi (associate), Alix Biehler, Mario Bonilla, Mathieu Breton-Ortuno, Marcello Carpino, Massimo Corradi, Gwendoline Eveillard, Diogo Figueiredo, Pablo Garrido, Bryan Grossenbacher, Hamit Kaplan, Petr Khraptovich, Simina Marin, Magnus Möschel, Ilia Moiseev, Alexandros Mykoniatis, Dulcineia Neves dos Santos , Thanh Nguyen, Lukas Nordström, Poap Panusittikorn, Romain Péquin, Marika Prete, Marie-Louise Raue, Derya Sancar, Dmitry Stolbovoy, Victor Stolbovoy, Andrew Tétrault, Emma Thomas, Ramona Triolo, Ilia Stefanov Tsachev, Harry M.X. Wei; Michal Baurycza (visualisations), Mikolaj Bazaczek (visualisations), Massimo Corradi, Bruno de Almeida Martins (visualisations), Holger Rasch


Apex Project Bureau (executive architect), Unidraft (building services engineering), Vogt Landscape Limited (landscape design), Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG (international structural engineering), Apex Project Bureau (local structural engineering)


Apex Project Bureau (acoustics), Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG (facade), Apex Project Bureau (facade and fire life safety)


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