Aula del Mar in Benidorm

Rafael Landete   José Manuel Escobedo  

The aim of this project located on the Levante beachfront is to foster environmental awareness and publicize the seafaring history of Benidorm. The three different volumes – projection room, exhibition gallery, toilets – are like three rocks bathed by Mediterranean waters, connected by a light steel structure, rectangular in shape, that forms an irregular roof.

The building’s structure is executed with prefabricated steel portal frames. The three monoliths multiply the joints, using the complex geometry of the hexagon. The joints are thus hidden, giving the impression of a smooth, uninterrupted finish. The exterior cladding is composed of hexagons of ceramic stoneware handcrafted in white. The pavement simulated the sea with the water flowing between the ‘rocks,’ surrounding them in swirls, using the same hexagonal ceramic stoneware pieces in three different blue and white tones. A meticulous plan involving 26,000 pieces was developed to obtain the desired effect.