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Cities that arent dystopian surveillance states

Cory Doctorow   /  Fuente:  The Guardian

Smart city” is one of those science fiction phrases seemingly designed to make you uneasy, like “neuromarketing” or “pre-crime”. It’s impossible to be alive in this decade and not find something unsettling in the idea of our cities becoming “smart”.

It’s not hard to see why: “smart” has become code for “terrible”. A “smart speaker” is a speaker that eavesdrops on you and leaks all your conversations to distant subcontractors for giant tech companies. “Smart watches” spy on your movements and sell them to data-brokers for ad-targeting. “Smart TVs” watch you as you watch them and sell your viewing habits to brokers.

Smart cities are studded with sensors that monitor what’s going on with people, vehicles, and infrastructure; and use actuators to change things based on the resultant data... [+]

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