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Espectáculo e incertidumbre

A Pixeled Representation of Our Time

Luis Fernández-Galiano 

These two bilingual volumes present texts published in El País from 1993 to 2006, where I was in charge of a weekly architecture page for fourteen years. Grouped under the generic title Alexandrine Years, in reference to both their chronological length and their character as a chronicle, the volumes try to record the vicissitudes of architecture over a period that was a hinge between the 20th and 21st centuries. Architects and works are presented in their political, economic, and social contexts, the mutations of which are reflected by their ideas and their forms. Inevitably, this pixeled portrait of architecture is also a fragmented account of the transformations experienced by Spain and the world during a time of transition... [+]

Reviewed books:

Tiempo de incertidumbre

Años alejandrinos 2000-2006. A Chronicle of Architecture

La edad del espectáculo

Años alejandrinos 1993-1999. A Chronicle of Architecture

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