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Una partitura musical

An Essential Chronicle of Architecture

Norman Foster 

It’s a great privilege to say a few words about two extraordinary books and two extraordinary individuals, Luis and Rafael, whom I feel I’ve known forever: Rafael before I actually met him – I remember it was at Harvard – and Luis in a different way. Hugely respected figures and architects of extraordinary power and genius, both have been inspirational for me, Rafael through his built works and teaching, and Luis – also overlapping in the academic world – through his writings, his critiques. And both of them, more recently, also in a more personal way: Luis who curated the works and rooms in the Foundation, and Rafael who so generously hosts and suffers the inconvenience of graduates from all over the world who do workshops and visit his studio... [+]

Reviewed books:

Tiempo de incertidumbre

Años alejandrinos 2000-2006. A Chronicle of Architecture

La edad del espectáculo

Años alejandrinos 1993-1999. A Chronicle of Architecture

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