Roldán + Berengué. Recover Memory


Linked to Barcelona, where they have their practice set up and also teach, Miguel Roldán (Ceuta, 1961) and Mercè Berengué (Barcelona, 1962) think of architecture as a fruitful search for possibilities that serves both as a perusal of the different layers of reality and an opportunity to transform it. They propose buildings that address the demands specific to each and every context, over and above personal styles, and which present a strong communicative imprint that ultimately illustrates their authors’ keen interest in advertisements and films. In the following pages Arquitectura Viva features three recent works in the city of Barcelona that rigorously and creatively tackle the problem of transforming and upgrading our built heritage: 46 social dwellings built in a former Fabra & Coats textile plant; Espai Bombers, an exhibition and information center made out of a 1929 construction; and Rambla 124, the result of turning the historical Hotel Montecarlo into a retail, office, and residential building.

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