Creative Reiteration



In the 1980s, the democratic regime was reestablished in Brazil. After almost twenty years of heads of state that had not been chosen by majority, 1982 was the year of the first free elections to designate the governors of the Brazilian states. On this occasion, the citizens of the State of Rio de Janeiro chose Leonel Brizola, political heir of Getúlio Vargas but positioned slightly to the left. At that time, Niemeyer was convened by anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, advisor to Brizola and one of the intellectual mentors of the architect, to design the Sambadrome – the ‘stadium’where the Rio carnival parades take place. The precast structure gave a permanent character to the old and improvised metal bleachers. The experience led to the CIEP – prefabricated public schools – that symbolically inaugurate this fourth and last period... [+]

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