FAD Award 2017


Royal Collections Museum

The FAD Award for Architecture in 2017 went to the Royal Collections Museum in Madrid, by Mansilla + Tuñón. According to the jury, chaired by Belén Moneo, it “masterfully delivers an architecture which is timeless and sedate, executed with precision and exciting.” The other winners are: in the Interior Design section, Pontejos 9, the overhaul of a building in Madrid, by aceboXalonso; in City and Landscape, the redevelopment of Joan Oliver Park in Badia del Vallés (Barcelona), by Claudi Aguiló and Albert Domingo; in Ephemeral Interventions, the commemorative columns in the German Pavilion in Barcelona, by Luis Martínez Santa-María and Roger Sauquet. For its part, the FAD International for a work carried out abroad by a Spanish or Portuguese was awarded to Michèle & Miquel for the Niel Garden in Toulouse, while in Thought and Criticism the prize was shared by Carlos García Vázquez, for his book Teorías e historia de la ciudad contemporánea, and L. A. Casanovas Blanco, I. González Galán, C. Mínguez, A. Navarrete, and M. Otero for After Belonging: The Objects, Spaces, and Territories of the Ways We Stay in Transit.

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