New Domes of the Douro

Mangado / Herreros y Tuñón


F. Mangado / J.Herreros, Technology Dome

It has been announced that Emilio Tuñón will be building the Wine Dome and Francisco Mangado, in collaboration with Juan Herreros, the Technology Dome, having won the latest competitions for Duero Domes, a phased project of the autonomous government of Castilla y León which endeavors to leave a mark in five of the region’s provinces – Soria (Energy), Burgos (Heritage), Valladolid (Wine), Zamora (Technology) and Salamanca (Water) –, all of them at strategic locations along the course of the Duero River. The first of them, the Energy Dome, put to competition back in 2008, also went to the Madrid office of Mansilla+Tuñón and is currently under construction.

In the contest for the Technology Dome, Francisco Mangado of Pamplona and Juan Herreros of Madrid have carried the day over the Madrid team of Sancho-Madridejos with a volume arranged around an open courtyard and to be executed with a construction system that prominently uses cork. For the Wine Dome, in turn, Emilio Tuñón competed with Nieto Sobejano of Madrid, Sauerbruch Hutton of Berlin and RCR of Olot (Girona), proposing a striated rectangle with large prefabricated beams of reinforced concrete and a geometrical composition that echoes the rows of vines.

E. Tuñón, Wine Dome

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