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Le Corbusier: The Art of Postcards

A View of the World

Juan Calatrava 

On view until April 2015 in Madrid, at the CentroCentro Cibeles within the City Hall building, after premiering at the CIVA (Centre International pour la Ville, l’Architecture et le Paysage) in Brussels as ‘Le Corbusier, la passion des cartes,’ is ‘Le Corbusier: una vision del mundo.’ This exhibition presents a significant and very well chosen selection of the more than 2,000 postcards that Le Corbusier collected from the time of his first major trip, in the year 1907, all the way up to his death in 1965, all carefully preserved, along with the rest of the master’s rich legacy, at the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris. We owe it to the show’s curator, Luis Burriel Bielza, that he has drawn attention to these documents which until recently were only given anecdotal value. Thanks to his endeavor, we are now in a position to understand their importance...

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