‘E-topia’, Working from the Couch

Fermín Vázquez 

The office is already the working environment of over half of the population in developed countries. Their economy, based on services related to varied forms of knowledge and with workers who depend on computers connected to the Internet, emerges in a society that is ever more aware that it is impossible to maintain the current rhythm of use of energy resources. Yet day after day we see the same picture of the millions of people moving from home to work, to gather in expensive buildings that are used eight hours per day.

The consequences of distance working have already affected the office space, with formats that go from the shared offices to those where employees inform in advance of their desire to attend and reserve the workstation they need to use. This logic leads to an increasingly blurred separation between the private sphere and work, between home and the office. Culliford remarks that ‘working from home’ can be combined with ‘homing from work’...[+]

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