Overlapping Areas

Fermín Vázquez 

Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (2001-2005)

Architects are seen as professionals with a unique confidence in their own criteria; and not only when it comes to interpreting the circumstances in which they operate but when anticipating those to come. Going over the projects of the studio featured in these pages makes me recall the huge volume of decisions taken, opinions formed, and paths explored. Designing means choosing all the time.

The viscosity of liquid reality described by contemporary philosophers seems to spur around us disconcerting identitarian clumps, unattended offences, and environmental emergencies that we strive to interpret and address with limited data and means; serious concerns that come with the usual needs of each commission and which are added to the increasing number of conditions set by the information and consumer society, technified, globalized, and with financial hypertrophy.

I am not sure when or who it was I heard define the architect as the professional capable of showing the path to be followed as much in situations where there is barely any information as in those where there is too much of it. The architect as someone who won’t yield to confusion, so to speak...[+]

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