Chipperfield in South Korea

Elegant Order


Sometimes described as monotonous, the austere and elegant architecture of the British David Chipperfield invariably demonstrates a surprising capacity to adapt to very diverse contexts, from hypercivilized Berlin to the emerging globalized cities of Asia. Following suit, it seems, is the cube-shaped new headquarters of AmorePacific – South Korea’s leading beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, founded in 1945, and the fourteenth largest in the world – in downtown Seoul: a huge building – 216,000 square meters, 100 meters wide, 100 meters tall, 30 floors – defined by what for some years now has been known as the characterizing feature of Chipperfield’s architecture: the use of grids and louvers that give the buildings a serene, elegant, and representational appearance; characteristics surely appreciated in equal measure by public institutions and private companies. To complete the building is a large atrium around which the extensive sequence of interior spaces is organized.

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