Construction, Art and People

Luis Moreno Mansilla  Emilio Tuñón 

We look back and are perhaps able to untangle the facts and the ideas, to rebuild itineraries, to sense the complexity of things, and certainly, to observe how interests sail in a particular current, in a certain direction. And we see that ideas and things are transformed... We notice a change and a movement, but the certainty it gives us about the present grows at the same speed as our uncertainty about the future, because if the former changed, there is no doubt that the future will too. And yet, we set ourselves out to trace those movements that, like a current, have shaped our understanding of what museums have been over the course of the past fifteen years. A somewhat faraway gaze, but from up close, as if barely shutting ones eyes to do without small details and listen only to the movement of the whole. 

And if we keep our eyes half closed, and observe the world of museums, we can see three concepts floating in space: construction, art and people. Three highlights that shift with respect to one another, changing their distances and their importance, acquiring with time a different brightness and weight. With these three elements, taken two by two, we are able to observe the traces between their elements, their links and ties...

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