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Carme Pinós, An Exhibition in Madrid


The exhibition walks us through the oeuvre of Carme Pinós, divided into three sections: the bottom level laconically presents the eight works she completed with Miralles; the main floor showcases eighty projects developed on her own over three decades; and the upper level offers a selection of her library, a wall with objects of alluring tactility, and a documentary where the architect explains her works in detail and reveals the intentions inherent in her creative process. The tripartite division of classicism is evident in many buildings, which emerge from the ground with a solid base, develop into a body as they rise, and reach their full height with a crown silhouetted against the sky. Here the foundation is the close collaboration with Miralles, essential anchor of her subsequent work; the body is the motley corpus of eighty projects, which show a brimming accumulation of achievements, countering the tendency to associate her exclusively with a handful of milestones, such as the tower in Mexico, the CaixaForum of Zaragoza, or the splendid intervention on the three sides of a Barcelona square; and the crown is the dialogue between the objects on the wall and the books in the library of this compulsive reader, a dialogue between emotion and reason that continues with the intuitive and analytical words of the architect.

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