Art and Culture  Exhibition 

Architecture in Mexico, 1900-2010

Modern Contradictions

Nicolás Cabral 

Mexico’s 20th century was slightly longer than the ‘short century’ (1914–1991) studied by Eric Hobsbawm. It began on 20 November 1910, with the outbreak of the Revolution, and ended on 1 January 1994, with the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Zapatista Uprising. Though not explicitly, it is this historic arc that constitutes the essential structure of ‘Architecture in Mexico: 1900-2010: The Building of Modernity’, on view in Mexico City, at Iturbide Palace, since 5 December. Ambitious, extensive, fertile in its virtues as well as omissions and reiterations, the exhibition curated by Fernanda Canales does not only engage in a dialogue with the memory of the visitor. It also allows a rethinking of Mexico’s modern history through the contradictions inherent in its architecture...

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