Jacquemus Shop-in-Shop, Paris

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture 

As Loos would say, you can’t build a house with carpets alone. He was talking about the architect’s task having to start out with a skeleton for the enclosure, a conviction which a very young fashion house has now playfully set out to refute in one of its first flagship stores: instead of working out a form to then find the right finishes for it, the firm zeroed in on a material and proceeded from there, letting it determine the layout of the shop and all the design solutions. Hence the brand’s boutique at a Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris is defined exclusively by cushions. Pillows line the walls entirely but are also stacked to form display stands and made to pad shelves and fitting rooms. Soft carpeting in the same cream tone also helps create a cushy interior that immerses customers in an atmosphere of surrealist sensuality, evoking the mythical bedroom of the Viennese master and connecting the pleasure of shopping to what the Beatles showed the world with their famous pillow fight in a Parisian hotel: the dolce far niente of spending all day in bed...[+]