Tour Montparnasse Redesign Competition, OMA

Tour Montparnasse Redesign Competition, OMA


The proposal combines two sides, one that respects the image of the original tower, subtly renewed, and another that plays with curved bronze meshes sandwiched between glass plates. This arrangement generates classic and contemporary atmospheres... [+]

Autor Author


Cliente Client

 L’Ensemble Immobilier Tour Maine-Montparnasse

Socios a cargo?Partners-in-charge

Rem Koolhaas  

Arquitecto del proyecto Project architect

Alejo Paillard  

Equipo Team

Mario Garcia, Reema Abu Hassan, Sacha Hickinbotham, Eve Hocheng, Hans Larsson, Ferzilet Leti Lumani, Davide Masserini, Clément Périssé, Pedro Savio Pinheiro, Lukasz Skalec, Iason Stathatos  

Colaboradores Collaborators

SETEC Bâtiment (estructuras, instalaciones, protección contra incendios structure, MEP, fire safety); T/E/S/S (fachada facade); Transsolar (estudios medioambientales environmental studies); BMF (estimación de costes economy); LASA (acústica acoustics); Moment Factory (diseño de iluminación lighting design)

Maqueta Model

Werkplaats Vincent de Rijk, Clément Périssé, Sacha Hickinbotham, OMA Modelshop

Dibujos e imágenes Drawings and images

courtesy of OMA

Fotos de maqueta Model photos

Image courtesy of OMA; photography by Frans Parthesius