Medical school and health science building, Nicosia

SV60 / Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos 

The Sevillian firm SV60, led by the architects Antonio González Cordón and Antonio G. Liñán, will be raising new facilities at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia. With a floor area of 8,500 square meters the Nikos K. Shakolas Building, as it is to be called, is designed to connect preexisting architecture on the campus to the surrounding landscape. Adapted to the topography of the terrain, it is wrapped with a continuous lattice of prefabricated pieces varying in size and depth, depending on orientation, while the north facade bends to optimize views. Four vertical cores contain circulation elements and act as structural supports for the construction, holding up enormous trusses. The inner courtyard, covered with green zones, also creates visual connection between the different parts of the building. The project combines principles of passive architecture to improve energy efficiency, coordinating sunlight, dominant breezes, temperaturas under the building, and so on. SV60 Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos