Sports Complex, Lausanne

gmp Architekten  Jean-Baptiste Ferrari 

Three large arterial roads corner the new sports complex west of Lausanne. The urban harshness is conteracted by a rigourosly circular plan that is also used to soften the link between the diverse morphological structures of two adjacent neighborhoods. A single building hosts the whole program – a stadium for 13,000 spectators, a competition swimming pool, offices and a boarding school with special sports facilities. It opens itself towards the south with a large void that frames the Alpine cornice from the stadium and at the same time provides views of the activities in the arena from the outside...[+]

Complejo deportivo 
Sports Complex, Lausanne

gmp (Von Gerkan, Marg and Partners), Jean-Baptiste Ferrari et Associés

Volkwin Marg, Hubert Nienhoff

Director del proyectoProject Manager
Florian Illenberger

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Kristian Spencker, Christiane Wermers, Florian Illenberger —GMP—

Marleen Michaels, Tobias Mäscher, Christian Möchel, Claudia Stelzmann, Peter Axelsen —gmp—, Jean-Baptiste Ferrari, Sébastien Zwissig, Floriane Robert, Chantal Billaud, Xavier Tauxe, James Lee, Rainer Epp —Jean-Baptiste Ferrari—

TENSIS Limited (estructura structural engineering), CR Conseils Sàrl (Seguridad contra incendios fire safety), Hager Partner (paisajismo landscape), KONTEXTPLAN (planificación del transporte transport planning), TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik (sostenibilidad sustainability)