Quinta do Vallado Winery

Francisco Vieira de Campos 

The proposal for the extension of the Quinta do Vallado Winery seeks to reconcile the practical needs related to winemaking with a smooth integration in the landscape. The new volumes try in this way to establish an at once tense and balanced long-term relationship with the existing buildings and the topography, melding into the hillside while remaining an artificial object in its context.

The new buildings – fermentation warehouse, barrel cellar and reception – are added with respect towards the existing ones. The extension of the winery that functions by gravity demanded an understanding of the whole productive system, and required great precision in the layout of the building’s quotas and the climatic conditions of the facilities. The barrel cellar, in particular, has the necessary mass for a correct thermal insulation. Formally it constitutes a prismatic volume on the exterior, and vaulted in the interior. The air chamber between the vault arch and the retaining wall acts as a ventilation space and also conceals services. Carried out with reinforced concrete and with a rough interior finish, the new structures are clad with local burnt shale worked in a contemporary way.

Cliente Client

Quinta do Vallado, Sociedade Agrícola

Arquitecto Architect

Francisco Vieira de Campos

Colaboradores Collaborators

Francisco Vieira de Campos (coordinador coordinator), Mariana Sendas, Cristina Maximino, Inês Mesquita, Luís Campos, Adalgisa Lopes, Francisco Lencastre, Joana Miguel, Tiago Souto e Castro, Ana Leite Fernandes, João Pontes, Miguel Brochado

Consultores Consultants

ADFconsultores: Adão da Fonseca, Tiago Alves (estructuras structural engineering); GPIC: Fernando Aires (electricidad electrical engineering); GET: Raul Bessa (instalaciones mechanical engineering); Newton-C: Fernanda Valente (saneamiento hydraulic engineering); SOPSEC: Raul Calejo (acústica acoustic engineering); Metalúrgica Progresso: Daniel Bastos (equipamientos enológicos e instalaciones oenology equipment and installations); Homero Correia (tráfico traffic engineering)

Contratista Contractor

Ferreira Construções

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Alberto Plácido