Playground-for-All, Minamisoma
Toyo Ito  Contemporaries 

Playground-for-All, Minamisoma

Toyo Ito  Contemporaries 

Within the Home-for-All initiative, a relief project for the coastal area of Japan struck by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the plan offers a protected space for play consisting in a laminated wood structure that holds a roof formed by two inverted parabolas... [+]

Autor Author

Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects / Contemporaries

Cliente Client

Tpoint Japan Co., Ltd

Cortina Curtain

Youko Ando Design

Asistencia de producción y diseño Design and production assistance

Yanagisawa Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ingenieros de estructuras Structural engineers


Infraestructuras Facility engineers

ZO Consulting Engineers

Contrucción del edificio Building construction


Consultores constructivos Construction assistance

Shelter Carpenters, Goto kensetsu Co., Ltd. (cimentación foundation); Ishigaki toso ten (pintura paint); Yokoo Seko (interior interior); CREARE ARTE (interior interior); Kyowa Co., Ltd. (arena tile/sand); Watanabe Kinzoku Kogyo (cubierta de acero steel roof); Takeharaya Honten Co., Ltd. (vidrio glass); Picoi Co., Ltd. (impermeabilización waterproofing); Hamashima Denko (climatización air conditioning); Oba Setsubi (saneamiento sanitation); Asahi Densetsu Kogyo (electricidad electricity)

Cooperación Cooperation

Minamisoma City Health and Welfare Department Gender and Children Division

Empresas patrocinadoras Supporting companies

Achilles, A&AMaterial Corporation, OSMO & EDEL, Kirii Construction Materials, DAIKO ELECTRIC, Channel Original, Hitachi Appliances, HOXAN CORPORATION, BO & CO., MAG-ISOVER K.K., Marushika Ceramics, UNITEC, LIXIL Corporation, LIXIL Total Service, Lilycolor, The Pokémon Company

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