Non-Binary Cross Space III, Madrid

Non-Binary Cross Space III, Madrid


The renovation of this flat with a 110-square-meter built area, in a building raised in the early 1970s in Madrid’s Pacifico neighborhood, is part of a series of projects falling under two ongoing investigations.

‘Non-Binary Space’ explores the synergies produced between space, time, matter, and energy, the goal bring not to compromise freedom of use, occupation, adaptation, and interpretation of space by different users, cultures, and socioeconomic ventures over time.

‘Cross-Space’ encompasses a set of transformations, adaptations, refurbishments, and aggregations that form a space occupancy strategy native to the type of structure or infrastructure of the architecture they are inscribed in.

The structural grid delimits two types of spaces: binary on one hand, and non-binary, undefined, neutral, flexible. The main ‘facades’ of this project present the four backgrounds of the ‘Cross-Space,’ empty spaces for any use. The domestic binary spaces are fitted within the overall perimeter of the non-binary space, inhabiting the limits of the ‘Cross-Space’ and providing support for the undefined space.

Arquitectos PACHÓN–PAREDES Luis G. Pachón Inés García de Paredes


Proyecto: Jon Aparicio 

Post-documentación: Dani Delgado / Benedetta Conforti

Promotor/Cliente Privado: Adrián & Carmen

Constructora: VISTTO Estudio 

Jefe de obra: José María Rueda Romero

Fotografías: Luis Asín 

Carpintería/mobiliario PACHÓN–PAREDES + Pedro&Alejandro 

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