Museum of Ethnography in Budapest
Napur Architect 

Beside the House of Music Hungary by Sou Fujimoto, within the Liget cultural development outside Budapest, stands this new ethnographic museum designed by Napur Architect, winner of an international competition held for the purpose in 2016. In the museum’s possession are some 225,000 objects representing popular cultures of different continents and dating from the 17th century to the present.

Laid our under the gently curving green roof – which is intended to serve as a large public space – are galleries for temporary and permanente exhibitions, a bookstore, a restaurant, a library, a documentation center, and venues for events. The building’s glazed facade incorporates aluminum pieces whose decorative patterns are based on ethnographic motifs.

Fhotos courtesy V2com

Museo de Etnografía, Budapest (Hungría)
Museum of Ethnography, Budapest (Hungary)

Cliente Client
Városliget Zrt

Napur Architect / Marcel Ferencz (socio partner); György Détári, Gergely Filó, Pál Holyba, Dávid Nyul, Csaba Grócz (equipo team)

Czakó Építész (interiorismo interior design); Exon 2000 (estructura structure); HVarC (instalaciones MEP services); Garten Studio (paisajismo landscape)

ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt., Magyar Építő Zrt

33.000 m²

Incze László; György Palkó