Odunpazari Modern Art Museum, Eskisehir
Kengo Kuma 

Odunpazari Modern Art Museum, Eskisehir

Kengo Kuma 

Assembled together with wood strips, a series of stacked boxes house the new Odunpazari Museum of Modern Art in the Turkish city of Eskisehir, a university town with a large young population and a lively and active atmosphere. The plot is on the boundary of a new development area and a traditional center formed by small houses around zigzagging streets. The project seeks to reflect the quality of this urban landscape characterized by its small scale, through the fragmentation of the program in pieces that interlock to generate different spaces. At street level, the volumes shift forward and back in tune with the roofscape, whereas towards the center the complex expands to generate a new cultural landmark that is visible from afar.

The central atrium connects the different levels to let natural light through the ceiling. Aside from generating a representative image, the use of wood makes reference to the history of the place because Odunpazari means ‘wood market’ in Turkish. The precision of the construction details emphasizes the building’s sculptural character, so it becomes the first piece of the museum. 

Obra Work

OMM (Odunpazari Modern Art Museum)

Cliente Client

Polimeks Holdings

Arquitectos Architects

Kengo Kuma & Associates; Kengo Kuma, Yuki Ikeguchi (socios encargados partners in charge); Yasemin Sahiner (arquitecto del proyecto project architect); Man Wai Yiu, Anteo Taro Sanada

Consultores Consultants

SIGMA (estructuras structural engineer); Ateknik Structural Design (fachada facade engineer); TEMA Engineering and Consulting Trade Ltd. (ingeniería mecánica mechanical engineer)

Contratista Contractor

Polimeks Holdings, INC.

Superficie construida Built-up area

3,582 m²

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