CUBE Art Museum, Beijing
Studio Zhu Pei 

CUBE Art Museum, Beijing

Studio Zhu Pei 

In 798, an entire cultural district located on land which was formerly occupied by Soviet factories, a new art museum completes the program offered by a series of existing sheds.

The building’s structure presents brickwork that respects the industrial character of the rest of the complex surrounding a courtyard, and a concrete roof that lets natural light into the spaces in a controlled manner...[+]

Obra Work
Museo de arte CUBE CUBE Art Museum, Beijing (China).

Cliente Client
Beijing Qixing Huadian Science and Technology.

Arquitectos Architects 
Studio Zhu Pei / Zhu Pei (director design principal); Shuhei Nakamura, You Changchen, Zhang Shun, Liu Ling, Wang Liyan, Jia Bin, Ding Xinyue, Chang Jiang (equipo team). 

Consultores Consultants
The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture of the China Academy of Art (estructura e instalaciones structure and MEP services); Ning Field Lighting Design (iluminación lighting design).

Contratista Contractor
Handan Second Building Institute.

Superficie Area 
3.541 m².

Fotos Photos
Zhu Runzi, Jin Weiqi.