Land Recovery Program, Zaragoza

Patrizia Di Monte  Ignacio Grávalos 

The initial objective of the 'estonoesunsolar' program was the elaboration of an employment plan in which fifty workers, long-term unemployed, were to be involved in the cleaning of plots of land in the historic center of Zaragoza. The proposal was to temporarily occupy abandoned plots in order to give them new uses, trying to take advantage of the great possibilities offered by the accidents of the urban fabric - degraded areas or areas on the edge - to offer a new vision of the city. To this end, a plan of the historic center was drawn up, reflecting the possible strategic points of intervention, in such a way as to encourage new routes, weaving together areas that were previously impermeable to each other and promoting unprecedented flows. It was a 'situationist' proposal to rediscover the city through its voids and surprises...[+]