Råå Preschool, Helsingborg
Dorte Mandrup 

Råå Preschool, Helsingborg

Dorte Mandrup 

With its angular forms clad in Robinia wood, the new kindergarten of a small coastal village evokes the image of traditional fishermen houses in the historical province of Scania.

Located between the beach and the village, the new center for early education is annexed to the local school and its gently sloping roofs create an irregular profile that echoes the nearby dunes.

The children are divided into four age groups, each one occupying a classroom bordered by a plywood bookcase-wall and brightened up by a skylight overhead and a window facing the sea and landscape.

Guardería Råå
Råå Preschool, Helsingborg (Sweden).

Cliente Client
Helsingborgs Kommun.

Arquitectos Architects
Dorte Mandrup.

Consultores Consultants
Tyréns AB (ingeniería engineering); Marklaget AB (paisajismo landscape).

Superficie Area
525 m².

Fotos Photos
Adam Mørk.