2027 Belgrade Expo

Fenwick Iribarren Architects 

The Spanish firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects (FIA) designed and developed the project presented by Serbia for the 2027 Belgrade Expo, and it has carried the day over the other bids to host the event, including that of the city of Málaga. The Expo will be held from 15 May to 15 August 2027 and its motto is ‘Game for humanity: sport and music for all.’ Located southwest of the Serbian capital, close to Nikola Tesla Airport and the Sava River, the premises will feature pergolas recalling every one of the mountains near Belgrade, and they will accommodate cafés, restaurants, offices, and leisure spaces.

The overall scheme is that of a large fairground with greenery and exhibition venues, and another external area of collapsible pavilions combining concepts of the future and values of sustainability. There will be a total of seven large pavilions housing the participating countries, and together in an outdoor area, different national pavilions from various countries, three thematic pavilions, and the National Pavilion of Serbia. When the Expo ends, the facilities will be able to continue operating as a traditional fairground. As for its configuration, the Belgrade Expo 2027 complex is laid out around a large plaza, Tesla Square, where a big dome will harbor the Serbian National Pavilion. Elements are integrated which will serve to optimize the sustainability and energy efficiency of the facilities.