Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi (project stage)
Adjaye Associates 

Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi (project stage)

Adjaye Associates 

The development of Saadiyat Island on Abu Dhabi’s northern coast is an ambitious tourist and cultural push to create a new center in the UAE capital. Besides various commercial and residential operations, the plan includes raising eight outposts of famous museums, including the already completed one of France’s Louvre. They are now to be joined, following an international competition, by The Abrahamic Family House, one of the first initiatives taken by The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity. The project embodies the historical connections among the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – and seeks to provide them with a platform for dialogue, understanding, and coexistence. The vast complex will feature a triad of religious spaces – a mosque, a synagogue, and a church – on top of a secular visitor pavilion. Inside them, devotees will have the opportunity to experience the rituals, listen to the Holy Scriptures, and attend the services of their respective denominations. The fourth space will not be affiliated with any specific creed, but will instead foster links and acceptance among different beliefs, nationalities, and cultures...[+]

Cliente Client
The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity

Arquitectos Architects
Adjaye Associates

InstalacionesMechanical engineering
Buro Happold

Dirección de proyectoProject Manager

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