Kenzo Digital Designs New York City's Newest Observation Deck

Alyson Krueger   /  Fuente:  The New York Times

There’s a new way to take in the skyline. For Kenzo Digital, a lifelong New Yorker who designed its dreamlike interior, the city was his muse.

One Vanderbilt, a new construction at the corner of 42nd Street, opens its observation deck, SUMMIT. From floors 91 through 93, viewers can take in the Art Deco details of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, and if they peer north on a clear day, can catch a glimpse of Bear Mountain, in the Hudson Highlands.

Inside, there is an immersive experience called Air, with mirrors, lights and views of the city hundreds of feet below. It was created by Kenzo Digital, 42, a digital artist known for his collaborations with Beyoncé. The native New Yorker wanted to trigger a deep, emotional connection to the city, he said. “It isn’t just an Instagram background or a spectacle,” he said. “It was built specifically to inspire.”

The New York Times: From Graffiti in the Shadows to Designing an Observation Deck in the Clouds

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