Roberto Valle



Roberto Valle passed away on 30 June at 70. He was born in Orense but lived in Castille, where he completed most of his buildings. Trained at the architecture schools of Valladolid and Madrid, he graduated in 1976 and that same year he set up his studio in Valladolid, where he worked for the regional government for over three decades, an activity he combined with teaching at the university of his adoptive city. Valle’s oeuvre is made up mainly of public buildings, including major intervenions on heritage: complex works in which the architect demonstrated his talent and care at understanding and bringing new life to the past through contemporary techniques and a clearly modern language that however does not impose itself on the remains, but rather engages in dialogue with them. Such is the spirit that imbues admirable works like the Museum of Wine, wisely tucked into one of the courtyards of Peñafiel Castle, the Museum of Bread attached to the Mudejar church of Mayorga, the refurbishment of Zorrilla Theater of Valladolid, or the covering of the Roman ruins of Almenara, for which he received the Europa Nostra Award in 2004.

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