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Jiménez Torrecillas, In Memoriam

History and Subtlety


After a long illness, Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas died in Granada at the age of 52. A graduate of the Sevilla School of Architecture, where he became a professor, Jiménez Torrecillas began his career in 1987 with Juan Domingo Santos, and together they built works of great aesthetic refinement that were a foretaste of what would be the first of important interventions on historical contexts, the José Guerrero Center (2000). This period was when he started his acclaimed explorations with materials and light effects, which he implemented in splendid works that showed an at once attentive and unbiased reading of historical preexistences, as in Carlos V’s palace within the Umayyad wall in Granada or the granary and Homage Tower in Huéscar.

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