Plural Soul

Sacred Buildings in Today’s Germany

Yorck Förster 

The two main Christian religions in Germany – Protestantism and Catholicism – keep losing members. Not only through withdrawals, but also through demographic evolution, what with baptisms outnumbered by deaths. But a declining number of faithful does not mean that sacred buildings have to be desacralized, recycled for different uses, or demolished. The actual imbalance of demographic development compensates for it: as the population of rural areas decreases, certain urban centers are growing fast or very fast, and it is there, where new neighborhoods are cropping up, that there is a need for places of worship. There are altogether new buildings being constructed as well as other works, varied in nature, including renovations and replacements. Coming with all of this is an evident change in religious sentiment itself, which is undergoing a process of distancing from traditional forms of worship...

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