Selgascanos Plasencia Auditorium

Meteorite in the Paramo


The partners José Selgas and Lucía Cano have committed themselves to an architectural style that is as recognizable as it is risk-laden. Their organic geometry, unrenounceable artistic vocation, and penchant for creating diffuse atmospheres make the Convention Center of Badajoz and the Auditorium of Cartagena attractively radical but also potentially subject to the rigors of obsolescence.

The same goes for the Auditorium and Convention Center of Plasencia, which four years after completion in 2013 has now finally opened with a full day of open doors and a concert. 

Set on a slope, the building distributes its slightly over 6,500 square meters of space on several floors, forming an auditorium that seats an audience of 760 people, three conference halls, and a gallery for exhibitions. All this is fitted into the irregular space that is left behind the building’s skin, which is faceted, grooved, translucent, and evocative of the forms of a rock or a crustacean. The striking effect of strangeness produced by the disturbing presence of this meteorite in the dry and vulgarly urbanized outskirts of the city of Plasencia, in Extremadura region, is complemented by the strangeness of the interior, where the firm Selgascano deploys all its talent to create the unexpected, luminous, and changing forms that have become the mark of the practice.

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