A Spanish Serpentine

SelgasCano to Design Pavilion


The Spanish practice SelgasCano will be designing the Serpentine Gallery’s summer pavilion this year. With this decision the London institution seems to be confirming the change of course it seemed to make last year, when it assigned the popular iconic project to Smiljan Radic, an author distanced from the star system which, with varying degrees of success, had up to then dominated the event. The news that Lucía Cano and José Selgas will be the first Spaniards to design the Serpentine Pavilion is a special trophy for a unique career sprinked with intense, light, organic, and atmospheric buildings like the B Auditorium in Cartagena, the Merida Factory Youth Movement, the Badajoz Congress Center, and the Plasencia Auditorium.

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