Luxury in Architecture

Manuel Blanco 

In the world of fashion, luxury is the ultimate quality, but it must be understood that it is not possible to create a luxury brand ex novo. Luxury has two inseparable ingredients: brand tradition, centenarian in many cases, and the careful use today of traditional crafts.

Loewe, the mythical firm that Spain has in that market, understood this so well that its Foundation has devoted its entire communication efforts to a prize that aims to become the Pritzker of crafts, of the highest expression of artisanal techniques. That is why it is impressive to see how Kengo Kuma has managed to do this in the world of architecture, knowing how to embrace the millennary tradition of Japanese architecture, making it his own and at the same time preserving, using, and refining its handicraft techniques, which he adopts and combines with the most innovative building technologies of the modern digital world... [+][+]

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