Short Stories and Novels

Kengo Kuma 

The writer Haruki Murakami, a friend of mine, has written that both short stories and novels are indispensable for him. He develops the ideas that he discovers during the process of writing short stories in order to write novels. And when he is writing a novel, a number of ideas for short stories emerge. Since these ideas cannot be developed in the novel that he is writing at that time, he waits until he has finished writing the novel to use them in a short story. Thus, Murakami expands the horizons of his writing by going back and forth between short stories and novels.

There are definitely problems in the world that can only be solved with large buildings, and these have a big impact on cities. And when you want to create a large space in which people can gather, the building must be large to a certain extent. It can be said that large buildings are given potentials to provide wonderful gathering places, and this is why it can also be said they entail a high degree of responsibility... 

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Haruki Murakami, Princess of Asturias Award for Literature

AV Monografías 218-219: Kengo Kuma

Book: Kengo Kuma

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