Le Corbusier’s Gaze

Toward a Narrative Architecture

Luis Fernández-Galiano 

In his drawings, Le Corbusier is revealed as nearly a focus that captures, interprets and transmits images that unfailingly belong to an essential or poetic dimension. Throughout his work one can detect a mediating gaze that translates and restructures reality. In the following article, Fernández-Galiano outlines Le Corbusier’s ways of looking and discloses certain cinematographic techniques applied to graphic representation that result in a narrative structure that organizes Le Corbusier’s perceptions in a unique way.

Le Corbusier thought with his eyes. He constructed his architecture with images connected in a narrative syntaxis.

The eye mediated between constructed order and the wise disorder of nature; the narrating eye led the architect from the ground to the sky, facilitating the transition between geometry and landscape...[+]

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