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Inauguration of ‘Hondalea,’ artwork by Cristina Iglesias, in San Sebastián


“This project connects with defending nature and the seas and their coasts. A space for reflection where water flows with a rhythm inspired by tidal changes and the strength of waves in coastal cavities,” says the San Sebastián-born artist Cristina Iglesias about her work Hondalea. Synthesizing the concepts of depth and sea, the cave-like excavation carried out within the walls of the lighthouse of Santa Clara Island uses her particular sculptural language, becoming a symbol for ecological causes and environmental preservation. The sculptor exalts a public space through a controlled incursion, an intervention evoking the idea of art as a refuge and a place for encounters.

The title of the work comes from the Basque tongue. Hondalea is a word with clear marine connotations, meaning “abyss in the sea,’ “abysmal depth,” and “bottom of the sea.” It is not widely used, but has a long literary tradition.

To avoid crowding on the island, visits to the lighthouse artwork will be organized by means of timed entries. Reservations can be made on the website

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