Kaleos eyewear designed by Arquitectura-G

Kaleos eyewear designed by Arquitectura-G


Arquitectura-G has designed a line of eyewear for the Barcelona firm Kaleos. The initial idea behind this collaboration was to create timeless items in an elemental aesthetic that captured the simple essence of what eyeglasses are: reinterpretations of the very first eyepieces of the 13th century, adapted to the latest technological advances.

Combining high-precision geometry and craftsmanship, Arquitectura-G applied its design philosophy to eyewear, The choice of material – taking into account such issues as its weight and its hypoallergenic properties – and the formal research conducted to achieve an ergonomic product were key considerations in the design process.

The series presents five models whose optical frames handmade in Japan feature an elastric tube that ensures easy adjustment to all head sizes: three sunglasses (silver, black, and natural titanium) and two frames for graded lenses (titanium and black).

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