Arquitectura-G, House in La Tallada, Girona (Spain)

Heirs of the Barcelona tradition, the work of Arquitectura-G stands out for its formal synthesis, material precision, and compositional clarity.

1. Two Apartments and a Chair

The Apartment in El Born (2010), the first work we discovered of Arquitectura-G, somehow reminded us of Sou Fujimoto. It is a small space with a staircase, with built-in steps and half-levels, which recalled the conceptual drawings on the first pages of a monograph devoted to the Japanese architect around that time. A neat and well-designed house, in white and plywood. The most distinctive aspect, the half-levels – even though in the upper one it was practically impossible to stand up –, was a bed stuck to the ceiling… or not exactly. More precisely speaking, it was a space for sleeping. The ‘Gs’ design ‘spaces-for.’...[+]

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