In the Open Air

We would like to see this monographic issue as a summary of our trajectory as a practice up to the present time, and this text as an introduction to what is to come.

Our journey began some seventeen years ago, when we finished our studies with the economic crisis of 2008 in full swing. Instead of starting out by signing up for competitions, we decided to learn the trade with whatever we had within reach, however small: small projects, small contractors, small budgets. With this scale we could build much in little time. The projects mostly involved interiors or refurbishments of old houses, and such operations on previous architectures generally sought to clean out preexisting elements altogether and superimpose new layers – the minimum possible –that would generate new meanings. Some of these works were featured in 2019, in ‘Nineteen Interventions,’ by Apartamento Magazine. It was the first monograph ever published on our work...[+]

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