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Twelve Promising Biographies

Adela García-Herrera 

Almost ten years after its first issue on young Spanish architecture, Arquitectura Viva takes a new look at what the latest generation of professionals are thinking and building. The cover of that issue, which was titled ‘Fresh Blood,’ was a poetic image of Alejandro Zaera & Farshid Moussavi’s proposal for the cruiser terminal of Yokohama, a commission won by competition, at age 32, by the founder of Foreign Office Architects.

The biography of Zaera, born in Madrid in 1963, shows a precociousness which is rare in a profession where finding one’s way is no easy task, and where recogni-tions tend to come late. Based in London and current director of the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, Zaera has a double profile. On one hand he is a critic and a professor, and on the other hand he heads a practice that aspires to play in architecture’s major league... [+]

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