1975-2005, from Critical Review to International Projection

Projects of Democracy

Adela García-Herrera 

“Accepting the best solution is easy if personal remarks are left aside.” The words of the architect Juan Carmona sum up the critical spirit of Grupo Z in the seventies, a period governed by ‘speculative mediocrity’. Heirs to the modernist mood of the Borobio brothers and José de Yarza, committed to a social side of architecture and pervasive to the revisions of modernity by Team X, Venturi and Rossi, this group, including Carmona himself, José Romero, Saturnino Cisneros, José María Mateo, Augusto García, Elvira Adiego and José Luis Artal showed interest for “the recovery of the place as architectural fact” and sparked a debate on housing, submitting it to a typological review and “interpreting the constructive realism that Bohigas claimed from Barcelona”... [+]

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