The Office Building Metaproject

Ignacio Paricio 

Architects love commissions to build representative buildings. A museum is the paradigm of a program that is not too demanding and a budget that is not too restrictive. In the field of private development, the equivalent would be the office building. Its image and the efficiency of the floor plan are the objectives shared by clients and architects, and all the other efforts can be subordinated to the design itself.

The interior of the office building barely has to satisfy a few lighting and comfort requirements, allowing the project to focus on the maximization of the elements that make up this space such as the structural order, the organization of systems and the facade’s efficiency as filter or image of the whole. This article claims that the convergence of contemporary architects in those fields is generating something similar to a building type. If so, this new building type could be the basis not only of the collective work, but also of an ever more necessary normative convergence...[+]

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