Antonio Bonet Castellana, 1913-1989

Complexity and Contradiction

Óscar Miguel Ares 

Through memory and recollection some architects have carried their own myths in their baggage and implanted them on different contexts. For some, these patterns become permanent. Occasionally the interference of these in a place with a social, cultural and economic context materializes in projects that appropriate the formal language of the times and adapt it to personal preoccupations.

This reflection could be applied to Antonio Bonet Castellana (Barcelona, 1913-1989). In 1932, short of finishing his studies, Bonet joined the office of José Luis Sert and Josep Torres Clavé, becoming a close collaborator. Those were decisive years. He learned that an alternative modernity was possible – one of Mediterranean origins and where opposites could be reconciled. With this in mind he helped recopy, among other projects, the Primary School of Palau-Solitar (1933) and the School Pavilion of Arenys de Mar (1935)...

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