Zhang Daqian Museum

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT 

The Barcelona studio EMBT is building a new museum dedicated to Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), one of the most prominent and sought-after Chinese artists of the 20th century. To go up in his hometown of Neijiang – in the province of Sichuan, in southwest of the country – the building evokes the painter’s friendship with Pablo Picasso proposing a design that blends the cultural essences of the East and West. Starting out from an existing tea house, the project arranges its pavilions around the garden in a play of topographical adaptation at different levels, and these are materialized by structural ribs with a vertical section inspired in the motifs and forms of the artist’s paintings... [+]

Cliente Client

Shen Zhen Excellence Kang He Investment and Development Pty., Ltd.

Arquitecta Architect

Benedetta Tagliabue / EMBT


Fase de diseño Design phase

Director de proyecto Project manager

Daniel Rosselló

Colaboradores Collaborators

Francesca Origa, Gabriele Rotelli, Verena Vogler, Vaiva Simoliunaite, Susana Oses, Davis Gertners, Ana Isabel Fernandes, Vincenzo Messina, Javier Rivero Carnota, David Mas Trigueros, David Ricardo Ramírez, Evangelia Anamourlogluo, Maria Ioanna Barka, Fabian Vargas, Pauline Suhr, Enrique Franco, Claudia Paola Martinez, Dean Mapeso, Rebeca Pérez Casterà  


Fase de construcción Construction phase

Director de proyecto Project manager

Elena Nedelcu

Colaboradores Collaborators

Wang Lingzhe, Marzia Faranda, Ana Otelea


Equipo Shanghai  

Director de proyecto Project manager

Igor Peraza

Colaboradores Collaborators

Qiwei Hu, Chen Hao, Dee Liu, Pey Lung, Kathrine E. Thoen, Wei Song, Lorenzo Trucato